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12:53 Entertainment is a boutique film, stage, and television development house. It was created by producer Towonda Kilpatrick in 2010. The company toured the stage plays Can A Hoochie Become First Lady, Mama, I’m Your Child, Damaged Goods, Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva, and Dignity. The company also produced the TV pilots THEM and Fancy’s Closet RAID

12:53 Entertainment toured and produced the stage plays: Can A Hoochie Become First Lady, starring Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, Keith Sweat, Q Parker, and Sean Larkin; Mama I’m Your Child, starring Bern Nadette Stanis, Howard Hewitt, and David Hollister; Damaged Goods, starring Ross Fleming and Tarsha Grant; and Dignity, starring Kron Moore and Kerri J. Baldwin. 12:53 Entertainment’s first off-Broadway musical was Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva, starring Tony Terry and LaKeta Renee Booker. In 2018, 12:53 Entertainment also produced the TV pilot THEM, starring Ellen Dolan, Alpha Trivette, David Tiefen, and Kron Moore. 

12:53 Entertainment is currently in development of several original projects. Current productions include hussie, a film about a risqué woman abandoned in childhood by her mother, struggling to prove herself while being pursued by a relentless real estate developer. The film presents an underlying societal question: Can ugly become pretty and find love?

What we do for other clients:

  • Develop Scripts
  • Host Table Reads
  • Prepare Pitch Decks for Projects
  • Produce Content
  • Produce Funded Productions
  • Produce Pilots 

Client satisfaction is our priority. Our team has extensive development skills and is aggressive in exceeding your requirements. We have a network of partners we can call on to complete any task at hand. Our relationships with other production houses are extensive and wide-ranging.  

Our Team

We are a focused, driven, hardworking, and talented team. We take pride in developing content to produce or sell in the marketplace.

Towonda Kilpatrick

Towonda Kilpatrick is the Founder of 12:53 Entertainment. Her role at 12:53 Entertainment is marketing to find partners to pitch or produce original content to develop for clients.

Kilpatrick crosses easily between the roles of playwright and screenwriter, and thus, leads the creative development activities of original scripts for TV, Film, and Stage from her own creation.

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Raymond Raffety

Raymond Raffety is a Technologist with over 30 years of IT experience. He began working with 12:53 in 2012 as a technical consultant, Executive Producer, Producer and Co-Creator of THEM.

Sylvia Veith

Sylvia Veith is an actress, director, screenwriter, and published playwright. Her teen romance, Prom Night, won Second Place in the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Playwriting for Youth Competition in 2009 and has been produced in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China. 

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Brooke Tiera

As our Social Media Relations Producer at 12:53 Entertainment, Brooke cultivates and manages social media relationships with all platforms for 12:53 Entertainment/TKOriginals. Brooke also partners with other media relations agencies on an as needed basis to secure coverage for all areas of production.

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Jarred Riley

Jarred Riley is an audio engineer, mix and mastering engineer, song writer, producer, and studio owner from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been recording and producing since the age of 13. At the age of 24, he opened his first recording studio to the public.

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Malatrice Montgomery

Malatrice Montgomery is an Atlanta native. She is a Physician Assistant specializing in Interventional Radiology and has served in this capacity for 10 years. In 2018, she established Valley Heart Productions (VHP), a company designed with the purpose of supporting the creative arts and partnering with entertainment projects that inspire vision, promote social awareness, and motivate individuals to rise to a higher level of positive, impactful interaction within the community.

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Additional Project Team Members

Fancy Lewis  – Strictly Editorial – Fashion Designer/Stylist  
Will Odom– TNT Project Manager 
Shavonya Nickole – SN Exclusive Design  
Vesna Niktovic – Graphic Designer