The American adult comedy about an interracial couple’s attempts to blend their culturally clashing family and friends as they unravel the intricacies of modern love, sex, misconceptions, and diversity.

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A risqué woman, abandoned in childhood by her mother, struggles to prove herself while being pursued by a relentless real estate developer. The film presents an underlying societal question: Can ugly become pretty and find love?

An original play about African American women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide, Dignity is a shockingly bold assessment of mental health and its effects on families and communities.

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In this vibrant and unique collection of photographs, over 100 women from across the globe are highlighted and honored for living unselfishly. Through thought-provoking questions, we learn who each woman is and how she makes a difference in the lives of others. Personal journeys are shared that reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everyday women working in all areas ranging from corporate America to the non-profit sector – these amazing women offer gifts of love to us all!

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Ninety minutes of whimsical delight with flamboyant costumes, a colorful cast, an original musical score, and a flurry of romance along with a heartfelt message about image, love, and labels.

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When a transgender person is fired from Broadway and relocates back to Arkansas, she struggles to hide her new lifestyle.

A stylish romantic comedy in the contemporary vein of My Fair Lady, Sex And The City, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and Pretty Woman. A witty hoochie woman and a delightful philanthropist man revolve around the juxtaposition of love and desire, highlighting the contrast of their future adventures, leaning on each other’s stability and freedom to fall in love.

The lives of children hiding the truth about relationships, peer pressure, substance abuse, alternative lifestyles, and sexually illicit issues running rampant in the lives of the children today.

A screenwriter fights back after her scripts are stolen and produced by an unscrupulous entertainment mogul, causing a mother and daughter to compete with each other.

In a world where every girl dreams of being a star, Complicated Loleta is uprooted from her drug-addicted mother and placed in a suburban community with a white foster mother. The complications cause Loleta to listen to the voice of her imaginary friend, Nicky, and together they learn that race is not a reason to say no to hope.

An Atlanta self-made tycoon falls in love with a middle class working man. When her socialite girlfriends discover his financial situation, they plot to protect her from her own desires.

A play about sexual abuse based on my personal experience, pain, and suffering.

When a young track star at a private school gets infected with pneumonia, a family secret is later revealed, turning her world upside down.

After graduating from an HBCU, an honorable daughter breaks the family tradition and becomes an officer in the US Marines. This causes turmoil and breaks a family’s bond.

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“What would you do if asked to kidnap your neighbor’s child to save your own?”