• An original play about African American women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide, Dignity is a shockingly bold assessment of mental health and its effects on families and communities.

    Award winning playwright, producer, and filmmaker, Towonda Kilpatrick, has the green light to adapt her new stage play, Dignity, into a film for 2019. Mental illness among African American women is the focus of this searing piece.

    More information at dignityplay.com

  • About the Show: Them is a half-hour American comedy-drama, loosely based on the relationship between a true-life interracial couple, Towonda Kilpatrick and Raymond Raffety. Having found themselves in outrageous situations with friends and family, the creators of this single-camera show met through an online dating site. The delicious consequences of their meeting inspired them to create a culturally uncensored series about cross-cultural mishaps, interracial dating, narcissism, and codependency. Episodes are built around the chaos engendered by everyone around this fun and quirky interracial romance. At times, their relationship almost unravels due to the entrenched attitudes and opinionated characters that make up their family and friends. With a crazy world swirling around, the couple, known as Them, makes us invest and cheer for their success!

    More information at themcomedy.com



  • It is 90 minutes of whimsical delight with flamboyant costumes, a colorful cast, an original musical score, and a flurry of romance along with a heartfelt message about image, love, and labels. This inspiring musical created by Towonda Kilpatrick is the perfect recipe for romance that heaps sprinkles of Dream Girls, My Fair Lady, and Kinky Boots with burlesques dancers performing sizzling choreography atop courageous dialogue to present the best in adult entertainment.

    This drama focuses on the similarities and differences between a diva and an ordinary woman when it comes to image, love, and labels. Filled with savory humor, awesome characters bulging with affection, and witty dialogue, their story is told amid a soulful musical drama full of ambiguous, bittersweet moments, and naughty burlesque. http://www.cheezecakeboizandthediva.com

  • Twelve-year-old Desadier is mocked and bullied by her family for being nappy-headed, dark skinned, and ugly. Raped by her mother’s boyfriend and subsequently ridiculed for giving sex away for free, she finds herself abandoned by the one person who should care the most – her mom. To escape the pain, she pastes her hopes and dreams into her only worldly treasure, a scrapbook.

  • The series follows Carly Paige, (45) publicist who is trying to let go of the betrayal by her powerful boss Hartford Griffin of “Griffin PR & Associate”. Hartford takes credit for all of her work and steals a key account she brings to the company.

    She is a single parent with a few friends in the “in crowd”. Hartford had promised Carly a sizable commission for the huge film production account she brought in. He has her do most of the work to startup the account and once it’s secured, he fires her with little explanation and without her commission.

    Carly begun her research to form a agency hiring former agent that had been fired from top agency in New York and LA. Later, Carly has made a deal with the hedge fund group. Leaving her with more damage control than she bargained for. Let’s find out how ingenious she is in her new position as a Publicist.

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